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Nativa - TurboKidz Smart Shake Milky Chocolate

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Turbokidz Smartshake was designed specifically with children in mind. Most kids today do not eat a properly balanced diet and thus are not being adequately nourished. Also kids tend to be fussy eaters which is often the root of the eating problem. Children have developing immune systems which need to be fed the correct macro and micronutrients in order to develop and strengthen properly. Their young brains also need optimal nutrition to develop and function properly as well. Turbokidz Smartshake is perfect for children because firstly all the flavours taste great, which solves the "Fussy" problem. It contains the following: High levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, high in protein, high levels of calcium,     xylitol( which is a natural sweetner ) and most importantly it is gluten free (which is very important for children with gluten allergies). It contains all the vitamins and minerals that are required by growing children. Turbokidz Smartshake is very beneficial for the overall health of a health and can be added daily to any child's diet/

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Brand Nativa
Packsize 400g
Packsize N/A
Dosage form Powder
Strength N/A
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