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Nativa - Spasmopep

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Spasmopep cotains peppermint oil. It helps with abdominal cramping and bloating caused by excessive gas production. It reduces the gas by helping with it's elimination by reducing the surface tension of the gas and making easier for the colon to eliminate it. Thus the stomach and the colon will be less distended and there will be less cramping and discomfort. Spasmopep also has a mild antispasmodic effect that will also help with the cramping caused by the excessive gas production. A big benefit of this product is that it is very safe to use and also does not require a prescription. It is quite safe for everybody use from the as young as 4 years old onwards, as long as the child can swallow a capsule.
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Brand Nativa
Packsize 30
Packsize N/A
Dosage form Capsules
Strength N/A
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