Nativa - Coq10 Complex

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Co-enzyme Q10 is an absolutely wonderful nutrient. It has many health benefits in the human body, particularly in the cardiovascular system. Co-enzyme Q10 is a potent antioxidant, it provides cellular energy, improves cardiac muscle strength, improves memory and there are many,many other benefits. This supplement is very important for people who take a class of drug called "Statins". These statins are used to control cholesterol levels but they also decrease the levels of co-enzyme q10 in the body. Thus when an individual is taking a statin they must take co-enzyme q10 with it. Otherwise over time they will deplete their co-enzyme q10 stores which results in a weakened heart and cardiovascular system and eventually cardiac complications.
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Brand Nativa
Packsize 30
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Dosage form Capsules
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